Culver City Collection

Why do we have a Culver City Collection? Well, we live here and it's awesome. Also, Culver City is soaked in motion picture history, best known as the home of MGM studios (now occupied by Sony Pictures Entertainment). From 1932 to 1986, it was the headquarters for the Hughes Aircraft Company. It is also home to The Culver Hotel, A rich and illustrious past is what makes The Culver Hotel so enchanting. From legendary ownership to memorable guests, the hotel tells stories – mischievous munchkins, secret passageways and high stake poker games are all woven into the fabric of its history. As a National Historic Landmark almost a century in the making, The Culver Hotel gracefully retains a nostalgia of days long past and remains a true icon. National Public Radio West and NFL Network studio are also located in Culver City.